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Neil Gaiman

Sandman, The

An incomparable series of Graphic Novels. Whatever you do, don't let "Graphic Novel" tag put you off - this is heavyweight stuff - calling this "a comic series" is a bit like calling Lord of the Rings "a story with elves in it".

What you need to know before you start: There are seven beings that aren't gods. Who existed before humanity dreamed of gods and will exist after the last god is dead. They are called The Endless. They are embodiments of (in order of age): Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair and Delirium.

This series details the activities of Morpheus - Dream of The Endless - as he rules his domain and deals with the mortals that stray into his path.

For more Sandman info, check out Ralf Hildebrandt's Sandman site, or Joe Fulgham's more general Neil Gaiman site, The Dreaming. For the truly addicted, there's even the Neil Gaiman-dedicated newsgroup, alt.fan.neil-gaiman.

Anyway, these are the books - if you're going to read them at all, be sure to read them in sequence, starting with number 1:


His Sister"At last...a Death worth dying for."

Death is the second eldest of the Endless, Morpheus's older sister. She appears occasionally in the stories of the Sandman books, as both a peripheral and central character.