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Glen Cook

It's a little difficult to sum up the style of Glen Cook; if it doesn't sound too contradictory I guess that "grittily realistic fantasy" is fairly close.

For anyone wanting more info about Glen Cook, there are Web sites out there about his novels and other literary work, and also a very well constructed Fan Page.

From The Files of Garrett, PI

The Black Company

The Books of The North

The Books of The South (Glittering Stone

Mr Cook has been Ooooooh so annoying with this series - he started off by bringing out the first book, Shadow Games, as the first in a new trilogy of Black Company stories. Then, as expected, he brought out the second book in the series, Dreams of Steel, a year or two later. Then he stopped writing.

As DoS had finished with a suitably dramatic cliffhanger, ready for a grand finale in the final book of the trilogy, this didn't go down terribly well with the bunch of us that had been reading the books in Birmingham (hey, it was a read the books or go to lectures - not too difficult a choice, really!). At one stage we were discussing clubbing together to by a plane ticket for the States so one of us could pop over and "persuade" Glen to pick up his pen again...

Fortunately for Glen we were all cheapskates (and all poor students at the time anyway) and fortunately for us he finally decided to start writing again after a 5 year gap. So, he eventually came up with Bleak Seasons, the supposed third and final book in the Books of the South trilogy. Wrong! In fact Glen had decided the trilogy couldn't be finished off with a single book, so while Bleak Seasons followed on from DoS it was in fact the first in a new Glittering Stone trilogy. He's now come out with the second of these, She Is The Darkness, so let's just hope Glen doesn't give up writing again in the meantime before he can finish this one off!